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How the Pandemic has Shaped the Latest Interior Design Trends

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What’s Changed? How the Pandemic has Shaped the Latest Interior Design Trends

There’s no denying it; the pandemic has definitely changed life as we know it in every way possible, especially in our home and the latest interior design trends.

In such a short period, our homes have become workplaces, gyms and even classrooms whilst still being a place where we relax and spend quality time together as a family.

The pandemic has definitely been the biggest influence on interior design trends throughout 2020 and into the start of 2021. With the introduction of government guidelines and furlough, many people have finally found the time to move or start long-awaited home renovations. Yet, due to shutdowns, shortages and a huge increase in the demand for interior design-related services, many of us have simply been doing the best with the materials we have available.

From facing the reality of pandemic life to creating an interior to be proud of, make sure to read on below for our top ways that pandemic life has shaped the latest interior design trends.

Rethinking Open Plan

It may seem like the most obvious course of action to have an open-plan home and therefore increase the space of your home. However, if you have multiple family members working or young children learning from home, a shared space can become very impractical, very quickly!

One thing the pandemic has made people realise is that they need more privacy, so having internal doors especially for home offices, blocking out noise during Zoom meetings and keeping the kids at bay can be an excellent choice.

Larger Home Offices

Whilst some are back in their regular offices now, at least part-time, many of us are still working from home. What’s more, many employers have no plans to return to the office full time. Even those who continue to work in an office will likely have more flexibility to work remotely from home.

If you’ve found yourself in this position, it’s important that your at-home working environment is just as beautiful and practical as your office; essentially a clean and private area where you can focus!

Nowadays, home offices need to be spaces with large work surfaces, comfortable chairs and expanded storage space to support much heavier use over a longer period of time.

Defined Hallways

Interior design starts at the very entrance of the home, which since the beginning of the pandemic has taken on a different, much more important role in where parcels and groceries that are hand-delivered are handled.

It can make all the difference in having space where goods are stored on delivery, then safely taken to a utility room or another space to be disinfected if needed.

In fact, having space where you can come into your home and leave your shoes and coat will quickly become coveted real estate.

Warmer Hues

For a long time, there was a common preference for cooler colours within the home, however, there has recently been gravitation towards warmer colours with pink undertones. This can be a great step towards creating a cosy home all year round.

Stylish Desk Chairs

interior design trendsThis may be a smaller addition to any home, however as more and more people are welcoming home office spaces into their decor, this increases the demand for stylish and ergonomic desk chairs.

No matter where your desk is, you don’t want your chair looking out of place. This is why many manufacturers are choosing to cater to home workers and designing chairs that both fit in with the overall aesthetic of their homes and provide all of the ergonomic comforts that they need.

All in all, the pandemic’s impact on interior design can be best summed up as an increased focus on comfortable and adaptable spaces. Being at home more has made us all rethink the importance of how we design our homes.

Whatever you are looking to change within your home, we are the perfect interior design team for the job. With a wide range of experience, on a variety of different projects, we’ll be able to provide you with the perfect space to fit your vision, whilst maximising your budget at the same time. For more advice on creating a space with which you can fall in love with once again, make sure to contact us today.

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