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Need-to-Know Paint Trends to Transform Your Home this Spring/Summer 2021

Summer Paint Trends 2021

Need-to-Know Paint Trends to Transform Your Home this Spring/Summer 2021

Nothing makes a home feel fresher than a lick of paint. No matter how many years you’ve lived in your home, painting the walls and adding new soft furnishings can almost feel like a whole overhaul, even though it’s quite a simple change. Knowing and understanding the latest paint trends will help to inspire you and help you with your interior designs.

Now we are moving through Spring and into Summer, and the weather is getting better, it’s definitely time to start making changes to the interior of your home. New seasons mean new colour palettes, new trends and lots of new opportunities to work upon.

That’s why we have put together our below guide to everything you need to know about the paint trends of Spring and Summer 2021 so that you can get ahead of the trends.

What’s Trending?

Throughout spring and summer of 2021, it has been predicted that the trending colours will reflect ‘hope and optimism’, emphasising the enjoyment of which colour can bring to our lives!

As we slowly move back towards normality and turn our backs on months of stay-at-home throughout the pandemic, it’s understandable that there are cheerier days predicted in the months ahead! So why not reflect that in your interior design or more specifically, in the colour of your walls or your soft furnishings!


The deep golden yellow of marigold is a great way to create a warming presence within your home.

This may seem like a daunting and bold change to make, however, you can easily incorporate this sunny and saturated hue into your home, by adding matching textiles. For example, marigold throw pillows will warm up your living room space and will be easy to switch out when seasonal trends change.


The crisp blue of cerulean is a great way to recall the colour of the sky on a sunny spring day. This is a great shade of painting your bedroom or bathroom with, as it is so calm and soothing.


Whilst rust is a very common autumnal colour, this earthy tone is also set to be incredibly popular throughout Spring. Keep your eyes peeled for a boom in terracotta pots and vases or rust-coloured duvet covers.

Illuminating Yellow

Known as an optimistic yellow, illuminating is an electric hue that will definitely attract attention, making it a great touch in small doses.

For example, add a statement piece, such as a table lamp or vase, to brighten up the entire room.

Earthy Tones

Calming colours in earthy shades are a great way to get back to nature.

Adding warm, natural tones can be a perfect base for colours such as sage green, which is also a popular colour this year, pale pinks and ink blues.

Earth colours are empowering and said to bring about a mindset of courage, especially when embracing change.

These colour are the perfect shade for any room in the house, to create a perfect space of sanctuary.

Mulberry Hues

If you are looking for a more daring colour, why not tap into a warmer palette of mulberry hues? This luxurious shade can bring huge amounts of depth to a subtly white room.

Mulberry is a distinctly cool-toned colour, with a plum-blue undertone, which makes it an easy way to liven up a living room, bathroom or study.

This colour also reflects light beautifully, whether you are looking to paint a feature wall or even the ceiling of your room, adding mulberry adds a splash of punchy colour to your space.

If you are looking for some further colour inspiration this spring and summer, then make sure to get in touch today. We are proud to offer a friendly and professional service throughout the South West, Wales and the surrounding areas. We have a strong love of style, which shines through in our expertise and design process when helping you to create your dream space.

We understand the importance of both choosing the perfect interior designer to work with and feeling relaxed within our company, which is why we’ll work to tailor our services to meet your requirements exactly.

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