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The Top Dining Room Essentials

Modern dining room with a long white table and blue velvet chairs. A wood panelled wall is adorned with three rectangular mirrors with rounded edges

If you’re looking to refresh the look and feel of your dining room, there are many different elements to consider. Whilst some of these may be additional extras to consider, there are a number of dining room essentials you should look to include in your kitchen, no matter what style you’re looking for. So what should you include in your dining room interior design?

Everyone is different, everyone’s home is different,
and everyone’s needs are different.

Table and Chairs

The most important aspect of a dining room is a table and chairs, otherwise it can’t function as a dining room. The size of your dining room table will depend on a couple of factors, namely the size of table you’ll require and also the size of room you’re working with. For entertaining a number of guests or fitting everyone in at a family mealtime, you’ll require a larger table, whereas for a more intimate dining experience a smaller table may be preferred.

There are broadly two table shapes that are commonly used, rounded or rectangular, and a range of materials including oak, walnut, marble and glass. And whatever style you’re going for, be it antiquated or modern, you’ll find a table to suit your dining room.

In addition to the table, you’ll also require seating too. Just like with tables, there are a broad selection available for a number of different styles, but you should also look to match the aesthetics of the chairs with an ergonomic comfort. Chairs can be lined with fabric, leather, faux leather or be left without any covering at all; and can also feature padding for that added level of comfort.

Wall Colours and Decorations

Walls have a big part to play in setting the mood for the rest of the room. By choosing a neutral colour you may be going for a soft and elegant feel, but with bolder colours and patterned designs you may express a more eccentric style.

In addition to colours, you can also adorn your walls with artwork which can encapsulate your identity whilst also acting as a conversation starter when guests come over.


Decorative overhead lighting can become a great central focal point in your dining room. Hanging above the heads of diners, the right lighting can perfectly match your intended style whilst casting the whole room in an elegant glow. For a show-stopping look you may choose a chandelier, or for a modern look a geometric light shade is a popular choice.

Modern technology also allows you to adjust the lighting levels as well as the colours of your lights through your phone, if you choose to use smart bulbs. It means you can really set the atmosphere to suit the mood and the occasion.

Dining Room Furniture

In addition to the chairs and tables, there are a number of other furniture items you may want to include in your dining room. Whether you choose just one of these feature pieces or a selection of them, their inclusion may depend on how much space you have available and what purposes you intend to use the dining room for.

Console tables are a great and understated addition to a dining room, allowing you to store items such as tableware, cutlery and tablecloths away; ready for use just at the right occasion. Storage such as this in your dining room would be ideal if you want to transform your family dining room into a space for entertaining. Dressers follow a similar line to the console table, but add a level of opulence. As well as cupboard storage, a dining room dresser will also typically feature a number of glazed cupboards where you can showcase your best tableware and decorative items.

If you’re intending on making your dining room the ultimate space for entertaining, especially with friends or family at a dinner party, then you may want to consider a drinks cabinet or even a bar where you can store, prepare and serve a mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Feature pieces like these can be built using bespoke carpentry, ensuring they fit perfectly in your new dining room space.

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