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Christmas Interior Design Ideas

Modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, a large Christmas tree and a fire

With Christmas not too far away and decorations already going up, now’s a better time than any to get into the festive spirit through your home interior design. Highlights of Christmas include spending time with loved ones, giving and receiving gifts, and treating yourself with delicious Christmas food. However one other key aspect of Christmas is making your house look the part, through the addition of decorations and soft furnishings. So what should you be looking to add to your Christmas interior design this festive season?

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Make Your Tree A Centrepiece

Since the Victorian era, a Christmas tree has been an essential part of any home’s festive decorations. Over the years, Christmas trees have been adorned with a variety of different ornaments and decorations, but have always remained one of the most important and memorable interior decorations.

The biggest decision you might have to make is whether to go with a real or artificial tree, and there are benefits to both choices. Pine trees are renewable, and can be planted in the garden once Christmas is over, or their wood can be used for fires. However, the pine needles dropping can cause a mess in the living room. Artificial trees may not be the real deal, but many do look authentic, and can be reused year-on-year. Some are also available with a pine scent to them, allowing your room to smell like Christmas.

Whilst tinsel and baubles are still favourites to decorate your tree, picking out a selection of Christmas and winter-themed ornaments yourself can add a personal and unique touch to your tree, allowing your identity to shine through. You might also want to get your family involved, and it can be a fun Christmas activity to pick out a decoration each to add to the tree each year.

An abundance of fairy lights will certainly add to the Christmas magic, illuminating the room and adding a welcoming and cosy feel in the evenings.

Utilise Ambient Lighting

With the days becoming shorter, lights are needed more often in the autumn and winter time. Instead of relying on the overhead light to provide all the illumination, you could instead rely upon occasional lighting to provide a warm, relaxed feeling to your rooms.

Whilst this can be done by lamps and other small lights throughout the year, for Christmas you can use a candle bridge to provide a festive feel to a room. The candle bulbs even flicker, providing an authentic lighting experience. Fairy lights and tea lights can also be used, either adorning beds, side units, mirrors or mantelpieces.

Use Festive Cushions and Throws

Soft furnishings are an easy way to change the look and feel of a room. And whilst you can do it when transitioning from summer to autumn, it can also be a method to utilise at Christmas too. Look out for Christmas-themed cushions, blankets and throws which feature festive iconography. Go for bright and colourful traditional Christmas colour palettes of red and green or opt for more subtle options by using designs like snowflakes, robins and deer. Items with red checks or tartan prints also give off a festive aura.

Add Seasonal Plants

Whilst Christmas trees are one of the most obvious seasonal plants you can add to your home, there are a number of other options you can include to add a natural touch to your interior space.

The use of mistletoe can be dated back to the Druids, and is still a popular seasonal plant to this day. It can either be hung from door frames and ceiling, or can be added to a bouquet of flowers.

The creation of a Christmas wreath is a great excuse to include many festive plants, including holly, ivy and bright red poinsettia leaves.

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