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At Your ID Interior Design, we recognise the importance of having a space where you can relax and switch off whilst enjoying your favourite programmes or reading a nice book, as well as being a space where you can entertain guests and make them feel welcome and cosy in your home.

We believe that no personality is the same, no home is the same and no living room is the same either. At Your ID, we put you first and will create living room interior design ideas that will bring comfort as well as style to your home, whilst also being a functional space for whatever you need your living room for.

Our bespoke living room interior design service across Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire and the South West will inspire you and give you the confidence to create a practical, usable and beautiful living room for you and your home.

A modern sitting room in muted colours with a modern sofa, glass-based side table, upholstered coffee table and two footstalls
A modern sitting room in muted colours with a modern sofa and glass-based side table

Relaxing Living Room Interior Design For Your Home

A living room is a versatile space, which can be shaped and moulded into a room that perfectly suits your requirements and what you intend to use the room for. Your living room can be a cosy and comfortable space, where you spend your weekends and weekday evenings, snuggled under a blanket reading a good book or catching up on your favourite programmes.

Your living room can also be a great entertaining space, ideal for hosting guests for drinks, dinner parties or seasonal celebrations. It can also be a room where you spend time with your children, whether they’re watching the television or playing with their toys.

Depending on what you use your living room for will depend on the design of the space. For example, if you’re relaxing you might want a media wall, if you’re entertaining then you might want to include a drinks cabinet, and if you’re playing then storage space is recommended.

Whether you have a strong idea of what you require, or don’t know quite yet, there are a huge range of living room interior design ideas and styles you can choose from with our help and design expertise. From décor, features, lighting, finishes, storage, artwork, furniture and furnishings; we can help you achieve the look and feel you’re searching for.

From our initial consultation, through to concept and completion, Your ID Interior Design can help you achieve your functional and stylish living room with a bespoke and personal service tailored to you.

As well as living rooms, we create design concepts for every room in your home to match your identity and dreams, including kitchens, bedrooms, home offices, hallways, dining rooms and utility rooms. Our bespoke carpentry solutions to make your home truly unique, to offer you the wow factor, and have the functionality to make your space work for you.

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