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Hallway Home Decor Ideas

A Georgian-style hallway, with a decorative archway, wall panelling and wooden parquet flooring

Whilst hallways are often seen as just the thoroughfare between rooms, they form an essential part of your interior design, allowing you to maintain flow and consistency throughout the home. The hallway is often the very first space you enter after a busy day at work, and the first room guests encounter when they come and visit. Therefore it’s important to get the interior design of your hallway right, both aesthetically and practically. Where will you hang your coat? Leave your shoes? How do you want to feel as soon as you step into your home? Here’s some home decor ideas you should consider.

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A Feature Mirror

Whether you’re doing a final check of your appearance before you head out, or you want to make your room look larger, there are a number of reasons to include a mirror in your hallway. As well as being functional, the right mirror can become a focal point and a real key feature in the room.

There are a broad selection of mirrors you can find to suit any style you’re going for, as well as a number of shapes. A rounded mirror with a black frame adds a modern touch, whereas a rectangular mirror with a Baroque-style frame is more traditional.

And if you really want to mix things up and make your hallway different, you can use a collection of small mirrors instead of one large one, either matching them in style or mixing them up for a modern vintage feel.

Decorative Flooring or a Hall Runner

With a hallway you need to make the most out of every element to maximise the impact of your interior design. With the floorspace being a large part of that, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Depending on your preferences, there are a number of options you can choose from.

With older houses, you may want to look under your carpet to see if there’s decorative tiled flooring underneath. Or, even if you don’t have any existing tiling, it’s a great feature to add to your hallway to give it a classic feel whilst also a splash of artistic flair.

However, if tiling isn’t your thing and you prefer it softer underfoot, a hall runner is a great way of covering the long, thin floor space with a decorative piece. A geometric print is popular for modern homes, whereas a shaggy rug is great if you’re looking to make your hallway feel cosy and welcoming.

Clever Storage

If you have a staircase in your hallway, under the stairs is the optimal place to include storage. You may already have a cupboard built-in, or it could be boarded up and needs rediscovering. There are a number of uses of the space under the staircase, but using it as a storage cupboard to hide away things like your ironing board and vacuum cleaner can ensure the rest of your home is free from clutter. You can also use that space as a cupboard for coats and shoes.

The most clever storage solutions are where they combine storage with practicality. In the hallway, this could take the form of a bench with storage underneath; it’s a place to sit down to put on your shoes, whilst also allowing you to store them and any items inside.

Regular storage can also be made decorative too, such as an ornamental coat stand or an attractive hallway tidy. A neat piece of hallway storage furniture is just the sort of thing that can be made through bespoke carpentry.

Use of Colour

When your options are restricted in terms of the interior design choices you can make in your hallway in comparison with other rooms in your home, it means you have to maximise every aspect you can to have the biggest impact. One way of doing this is through use of colour.

Colour is a great way to set the mood and feel of your home, especially if your hallway is also your entrance hall. Neutrals and warm tones will give a cosy, relaxing and welcoming vibe; whilst the use of bright blues and reds can make a statement in a modern home.

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