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Interior Design Bedroom Inspiration

Neutral-coloured bed in a modern classic bedroom, featuring a modern gold-coloured rectangular lamp with white shade and a feature rounded mirror

The bedroom is the room in your house where you’ll spend most of your time, with a mixture of sleeping and relaxing. You’ll want to be comfortable, but you might also want to use the room for a range of different functions, including working, or exercising. So what should you be looking to include in your new bedroom? Find interior design bedroom inspiration here.

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The Perfect Bed

A bed is essential for any bedroom, and there are many considerations that you need to make when choosing the bed that’s right for you and your bedroom. First you need to work out what size is best for you and your bedroom, with King, Queen, Double and Single being the most popular options. If you want a double bed but are restricted in space, a ¾ bed is a useful compromise.

The design of the bed then comes next, as you’ll want it to reflect the look and feel of the rest of your room. For something classic, you could choose a four-poster bed or an ornate metal bed. An ottoman bed is great for storage, allowing you to lift up the top of the frame to reveal easy-access storage.

Contemporary and modern styles will include the use of wood or metal, with unassuming designs in a sleek style to add a simple-yet-effective feel. And if it’s a wooden bed you’re after, you can have it made through bespoke carpentry, meaning it’d be the exact style and design you want.

Clothes Storage

There are multiple ways to store your clothes in your bedroom. The traditional option is to go for a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, with some modern design units allowing you to combine the two to create a whole wall clothes unit. There are options with or without doors, allowing your hanging clothes to be on display.

You can always opt for standalone railing, an increasingly-popular contemporary design choice. It’s a great pop-up option and is also useful for compact spaces.

If space is in abundance, you might also want to consider building a walk-in wardrobe, where everything is easy to find and on display. Also all your clothes are stored in one place and won’t take up any room in your main bedroom space.


Just like the type of bed you choose, the bedding also makes a big impact on the look and feel of your room. If used correctly, bedding can act as another form of expression in your room, echoing the rest of the hard and soft furnishings, the colours used across the space and the patterns found.

For example, if you’re going for a Scandinavian feel, neutral-toned bedding is ideal, with white, cream and navy colours recommended. Patterns would also be relatively subtle. However, if you have a more modern-feeling room, you could opt for bedding with brightly-coloured geometric prints.


Bedrooms are increasingly being used as relaxation spaces, as much as they are for sleeping. For many, the bedroom is the only room in the house they can truly make theirs, and it’s the room they spend the most time in.

Some rooms might include a desk space for working or gaming, either as a substitute for a dedicated home office, or as an area for relaxing with a games console or tower PC. For others, an exercise space might be preferable, with room for a yoga mat and dumbbells.

Floating shelving is an easy option to add to a bedroom wall, which can then be populated with books, memorabilia and trinkets for ultimate personalisation.

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