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Living Room Checklist For Your Home Renovation

Your living room is your ultimate relaxation room. It’s a place in your home that you want to be comfortable in, whether it’s entertaining guests, playing with the kids or sitting in front of the TV after a long day. It’s why getting your living room design right during your home renovation is so important, as it’s the hub of the home and serves so many different functions.

Putting together a living room checklist ensures that you don’t miss anything out in the design process, and it also means you can brief interior designers into everything you’re looking for so that they can factor into their thinking. So what kind of things should be on your list of living room essentials?

Everyone is different, everyone’s home is different,
and everyone’s needs are different.

Sofas & Chairs

Where you sit and what you sit on is important in your living room. In order to relax to your fullest, you need to feel comfortable, which is why it’s vital to ensure the sofas and chairs you include in your living room interior design are functional but also stylish.

There are a wide range of sofas to choose from, including traditional options like Chesterfields and camel backs to modern designs such as sectional and modular sofas. Any decision you make will be based on your own personal tastes matched with the size you have available in your living room.

You can even populate your living room with a number of armchairs that match your sofa and have additional features such as reclining or swivelling.

Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Tables in your living room are something you don’t always appreciate until they aren’t there, and they’re an essential part of any living room checklist. Coffee tables and side tables are useful to place drinks and snacks on top of; and they can also be used for storage too; finding a home for remote controls and magazines. They’re also a good place to include any soft furnishings.

Media Units

Even factoring in the emergence of streaming on phones and laptops, to benefit from the largest screens at the highest definitions, you should be looking towards 4K Smart TVs, soundbars and even games consoles to make it the entertainment hub in your house.

The look and feel of a media unit can be flexible, as can its functions. It can be anything from a stand for your TV to an integrated wall unit made with bespoke carpentry; and there are plenty of options to store your soundbar, games consoles and physical media, which can all be included in your list of specifications.

Smart Storage Solutions

If space is at a premium, and you need to store things around the house such as blankets, cushions and toys, then you might want to consider including smart storage solutions on your living room checklist.

As well as options like media units, bookshelves and cabinets, under-sofa storage can be utilised as well as dedicated storage boxes for toys and games.

Whilst Ottoman storage is more commonly associated with the bedroom, it can be an option to use in the living room to double up a storage box with seating.

Soft Furnishings

As well as function, every living room renovation needs to come with a flash of style too, which is where soft furnishings come in. These are inexpensive additions to your room that can really elevate the look and feel of your living room, running from the cushions and throws you use to all the way to candles on the shelf and pictures on the wall.

Soft furnishings are also something that you can change during the seasons, using lighter and brighter colours in the spring and summer months, and earthier tones in autumn and winter.

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