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Modern Kitchen Must-Haves

White modern slab kitchen with a breakfast bar kitchen island and five stools with grey upholstery

When looking to refresh, redecorate and renovate your kitchen, you’ll want to do it to the highest possible standard whilst also ensuring it’s built for the future, and built for your lifestyle. Modern kitchens include a number of different features and innovations that you might want to consider for your kitchen transformation. Kitchen interior design now takes into account so many different aspects to ensure it is a well functioning room, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. A well designed and finished kitchen should be perfectly suited to the space and the exact requirements and style of you and your home. So what are some of the modern kitchen must-haves, and why should you look to include them in your new kitchen?

Everyone is different, everyone’s home is different,
and everyone’s needs are different.

Kitchen Island

A modern kitchen is not just for cooking, it’s also an entertaining space, a relaxation space and also a dining space too. One of the best ways to combine all of them together is using a kitchen island. Situated in the middle of your kitchen, you can place stools underneath to turn it into a breakfast bar or place to eat your quick midweek meals, and during the weekend it’s the perfect place to unwind with a coffee and a good book. If you’re hosting a dinner party for your friends, it’s also the perfect place to entertain, meaning you’re not hidden away on your own in the kitchen all evening. Kitchen design should incorporate functionality, socialising and be aesthetically pleasing giving you the wow factor every time you set inside.

Corner Storage

Often the corners of your kitchen aren’t well utilised for storage, and they might even be unused, or it can be where you hide things away that you don’t need to use often. However, thanks to design developments, you can easily utilise the corner storage spaces in your kitchen. Keep an eye out for corner storage solutions that you can pull out, or automatically open as you open the door. It replaces the need for a fixed shelf in the cupboard whilst meaning everything you put in there is easy to access.

High-Tech and Integrated Appliances

If you’re renovating your kitchen, then it’s likely you’ll also want to upgrade your appliances so that they fit with the new modern feel of your kitchen as well as ensuring that your kitchen functions as you want it to in addition to looking good.

When it comes to cooking appliances, gas hobs are still popular, but electric hob cooking is now as safe and effective as it’s ever been thanks to induction and ceramic hobs. An electric oven is essential too, with many built-in options available to choose from.

You might also want to integrate your appliances too, meaning they’re hidden from view and hidden behind kitchen cupboard doors. If you have a stylised kitchen this is a recommended option to ensure the aesthetics of your kitchen aren’t disturbed by a high-tech modern cooking, washing or refrigeration appliance.

Larder Cupboards

Whilst larders can be seen as a throwback to an older age, the larder kitchen cupboard is making a fashionable comeback. Having dedicated storage in your kitchen specifically for food that doesn’t need refrigeration means it’s all in one place and easy to access. They can be a very decorative feature – especially in rustic and contemporary kitchens – and can also have the dual purpose of housing small appliances such as kettles, toasters and coffee machines on the larder cupboard’s work surface.

Plan Your Dream Kitchen With Your ID

So now you might have an idea of just a few things you can include in your new kitchen, and if you want to make your dreams into a reality, contact Your ID today to begin your new kitchen journey.

We will work with you to create a beautiful, stylish, timeless and bespoke kitchen based on your identity and your requirements and a new kitchen that is both functional and finished to the highest of standards. We will manage your project from the initial design process all the way through to the completion of your dream space, somewhere you will be proud of and will want to spend time with family and friends in.

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