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Our Recent Airbnb Project

Small dining table with grey chairs in an open plan living space, with breakfast set up on the table

Creating Your Dream Space

This interior design project was brought to us by clients who had recently bought a property and needed our help to quickly transform it into a successful 3 bedroom Airbnb.

In order to achieve maximum occupancy as an Airbnb, the property needed a complete renovation and a design that made it appealing to potential guests as well as being somewhere comfortable to stay. The overall goal of this project was to create a dramatic aesthetic for the property within a budget so our clients could engage a professional photographer to take marketing photos which would attract guests, secure repeat bookings and achieve maximum occupancy for their Airbnb.

Our clients had already installed a beautiful new kitchen and bathroom and asked us to focus on the living, dining area, stairway and 3 bedrooms.

There are lots of creative and affordable ways in which we can produce beautiful appealing and professionally curated interior designs that are not only workable day to day, but also look great when captured as photos.

Small dining table with grey chairs in an open plan living space, with breakfast set up on the table

Our simple and effective design concept for this property was to use a 3 themed colour palette – yellow, teal, and a soft grey for both the decor and styling. This blended colour approach ensured the property looked stylish and welcoming with a theme throughout that guests would always remember. Our design was perfect for the photographs whilst also making the property feel inviting and comfortable, allowing Airbnb guests to relax in clean, bright and beautiful surroundings.

The bedrooms were designed to be both modern and practical with some subtle and dramatic storage solutions incorporating colour, texture and warmth through furnishings, lighting and accessories. The living area perfectly combines function with comfort in the open-plan space, using a geometric rug to add texture and pattern whilst separating both the living and dining areas. 

Our simple and effective design for both decor and styling has created a feeling of space in the property whilst also making it feel cosy and inviting throughout, resulting in the professional photographs attracting and securing bookings for Airbnb.

Everyone is different, everyone’s home is different,
and everyone’s needs are different.

Our client’s replaced the kitchen and bathrooms themselves and used our design and colour scheme for accessories to create a truly professional and coordinated feel throughout. They worked extremely hard to use our design throughout and the end result is outstanding.

Together we have achieved a modern, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing home for guests to stay in whilst they visit the beautiful city of Bristol.

It is certainly a project that all of us at Your ID are extremely proud of.

Photos Courtesy of Jon Bonner. Bonner Photography.

If you’d like to see the finished project for yourself, and explore our wonderful city at the same time, why not book a night or two in the apartment


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