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Winter Interior Design Trends

Producing some of the coldest and harshest weather of all the seasons, winter is a time where many will stay inside and try to think of many excuses to not leave the house. Going outside means facing the cold, harsh weather, which makes staying inside where it’s warm and cosy even more tempting. And if you’re spending more time indoors, then it’s a better time than any to refresh your decor for winter. Take a look at these winter interior design ideas to see what you can do in the colder months.

Everyone is different, everyone’s home is different,
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Additional Textiles

Just like in autumn, you’ll want to take advantage of the many textiles you can layer your house with. In winter you layer up yourself, so why not apply the same around your home? This can be in the form of additional blankets for your bed, or extra throws and cushions for your sofa. Not only can they layer a room, and add depth and intricacy to your interior design, but they can also keep you warm in winter too.

It’s also a great way of adding a different pop of colour to your rooms without having to make any major changes such as painting a wall or bringing in loads of new pieces of furniture.


One emerging interior design trend is the inclusion of curvature into the furniture and the soft furnishings of a room. This mostly applies to modern interior design, with circular occasional tables and uniquely-shaped sofas just some of the curved options you can choose to make a statement. This can extend to every piece of furniture in the home, even if it’s a little as having soft edges to pieces of furniture such as beds, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets.

Unique Handmade Furniture

The right furniture is the cornerstone to any successful interior design project. Not only should they provide high levels of comfort and usability, but they should also look the part and fit the style you want to follow. And for focal points, you can really make a show-stopping piece of furniture the centre-piece of your room.

What can make a piece of furniture even more special is its uniqueness. There are two big benefits to having a unique piece of handmade furniture created especially for your home. The first is the tailor-made nature of the piece, meaning it can be created to your exact specifications in terms of design style, materials used and its exact size and shape. The next is having something that no one else will have – it means no one else will have the piece and will truly reflect the unique nature of your identity.

At Your ID Interior Design, we offer a bespoke carpentry service where we can have unique furniture hand-crafted to ensure that you have something unique crafted to perfectly match your dream home.

Statement Fireplaces

Despite fireplaces being a thing of the past in some homes, they’re still the centrepiece of many living rooms in others. A well-designed and functional fireplace not only looks great, but it can keep you warm in the colder winter months too. There are many fireplace options available, even if your home doesn’t have a chimney breast or fireplace.

Both electric and gas options are popular, with ventless options for both available. A ventless fireplace can be easily installed into a home or a flat that doesn’t feature a chimney. A range of styles are also available, from sleek modern designs to classic cast iron fireplaces with a decorative mantelpiece.

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