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Work From Home Essentials For Your Home Office

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With many people still now working from home – either permanently or through hybrid working – it makes having a permanent work space in your house an essential part of your interior design layout. Whether it’s a small office area or a whole dedicated room, there are many work from home essentials you’ll require in order to have the best home office interior design for your house and one that you feel proud of.

Everyone is different, everyone’s home is different,
and everyone’s needs are different.

A Sturdy Desk

Unless you plan to work from the kitchen table – or even worse the sofa – you’ll need a sturdy and attractive desk for you to work from. This should be at a comfortable height for you to place your laptop or desktop PC setup, and should be comfortable for you to work from all day without discomfort.

You can also look to add in additional details such as storage drawers and a pull-out drawer for your keyboard. You can use our bespoke carpentry to create the perfect desk for you and your office or home design, made out of quality materials such as mahogany or oak or professionally sprayed to a colour of your choice.

Another thing to consider is a standing desk or a height-adjustable one, allowing you to move the height of your desk up and down to your comfort throughout your day. Another benefit of a standing desk is the space that it saves. Our team of skilled carpenters can design and install a bespoke standing desk for you to fit perfectly with your design.

An Ergonomic Chair

Alongside a desk, you will also need a chair to be comfortable working from home. There are many different styles of chair to choose from, but when it comes to sitting down for hours, you’ll want something that is comfortable as much as stylish. You can blend the two with an ergonomic chair, which includes the right back and head support, as well as a sort cushion to support you.

Aspects you should look out for when shopping for an ergonomic chair include lumbar support for back curvature, height-adjustability of the chair and arm rests, the feet of the chair, and the swivel base.

A Professional Background

It’s likely that when you’re working from home you will be in a number of online meetings. When everyone can take a peek into your home via your webcam, from bosses and colleagues to clients and prospects, it’s essential that your backdrop is appropriate for your industry and for the meeting you’re a part of.

When factoring in your background for home office interior design purposes, you’ll be looking at the design of your back wall for the most part. Ideally, for professional settings you should be looking for a neutral or block-coloured wall, free from colourful patterns and busy wallpaper.

However, that doesn’t mean that your wall should be kept plain. Design features you can add to your wall is artwork or floating shelving allows you to choose what you add to your shelves to echo your personality whilst maintaining your professionalism.

You should keep your background free from clutter, so having a range of storage options in your office, or somewhere around the house, is important to keep your background clear and professional.

Computer Equipment

There’s a very high likelihood that you’ll use a computer or laptop in your line of work, especially if you’re working from home. You may be provided a monitor, keyboard and mouse too. When factoring in the design of your home office, you should factor in aspects like these, and whether you will need to supply them yourself.

You should ensure that everything is at a comfortable height for working. This links into having a desk at comfortable height, but you may also need to invest in a laptop stand and/or a monitor stand to help your screen be at a comfortable height. Desk ergonomics are important to maintain a comfortable and healthy workspace.

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